About us

Is a family-owned organisation that performs research, design, and manufacture of amplifiers, preamplifiers and loudspeaker systems with total commitment to quality. The history of the family in the reproduction of sound dates back to 1926 when Jacobo Margules founded Emporio Electrico, which later became Casa Margules specialising in electronic components for radio broadcasters, radio amateurs, service technicians and students. That later became Radio Surtidora S.A. Now the oldest organisation in Mexico. The company also was involved in the sound reproduction field, when high fidelity became possible, introducing it in our country. Currently Radio Surtidora specialise in electronic measurement equipment and industrial electronic components.

Tel Rad was founded in 1954 as manufacturing branch for radios, record players, gramophones, amplifiers, speakers systems, sound trucks etc. Now managed by the third generation. In its beginning assembled : Pentron decks, Paillard gramophones, Regald, Jewel and Airking radios and manufactured Marvox, our own brand of vacuum tube amplifiers and loudspeakers. For the 30 years it has develop its own technology, which derived in two other brands : Margules, and Magenta.

We continuously strive to improve our products in search of the highest quality music reproduction.

Our main objective is to satisfy the most demanding ear regardless of the type of music it prefers or the budget of its owner. Even our most affordable system allows you to live the magic of music.


Develop and manufacture the best audio systems and electronic equipments for the discerning consumer .Offering integral solutions of the highest performance.


Consolidate our selves as the best company that develops innovative and avant-garde technologies for the audio and electronic market, with proprietary technology in a frame of a systematized, functional and profitable operation.